Friday, November 13, 2015

ab: Coral Design's reveal for the Superstition blog hop sponsored by Paisley Lizard

Thank you Tammy from Paisley Lizard for giving me a chance to participate in this blog hop and her lovely cat polymer clay bead.

I lover her business card and packaging.

Do I believe in superstition? It depends but I did encounter something that can't be explained by logic or science. Well I am not a person who just believe what could be proved by science and logic anyway. I think women in general believe in sense.

Back to my design. I am very sorry I can't do a lot of research or make several drafts before I create this necklace due to family matters. I thought about adding "13" into my design but it doesn't work. You may not believe. It's my first time to touch a polymer clay bead. Since the bead is very unique, I have no idea how to add beads along as I don't want to distract the focal.

As the bead has some curve lines, I picked up beads with curve lines instinctively. The curve lines also represent the smoke coming from Chinese scent that is widely used in different superstition worship ceremonies.

Finally, I made this whimsy necklace with the beads hanging at the bottom of the bead. To make it look more superstitious, I did some effect on the photo.

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  1. What a fun design, Coral. I like the smoke symbolism you incorporated. And the pop of color in the accent beads. I'm honored to be the one who gave you your very first polymer clay bead. And I'm very happy it found it's way to you. Thanks so much for joining the hop.

    1. Thanks for hosting this blog hop, Tammy. I will keep this necklace for myself.

  2. I love the fact yhis piece can be worn with jeans as well as a dress. Its lovely.

    1. Yes Gloria. That's my plan. I don't want to make something too dressy.

  3. Love the use of color yellow with the Lucky Black Cat. Simplistic but elegant.

  4. What a great design! That yellow really catches the eyes so it can feast on the kitty.

    1. Thank you. Your thought gives me another view on this necklace.

  5. I love the yellow beads with the pendant. They really add some pop to the necklace. Well done!

  6. The necklace looks very playful because of the pop of yellow

    1. Thank you Divya. It seems the yellow is really a great addition.

  7. I agree with the general consensus - The black, silver and yellow is a great combination! Lovely.

  8. Hi Coral, I love how the striped beads echo the stripes on the kitty! It looks beautiful. Your thinking is very creative in following the shapes made by the wisps of incense smoke!

    1. Thank Renee. I grew up with incense smoke.

  9. I was going to say that too Renee! I love the striped beads with the cat and the yellow really makes the pendant pop! Perfect to wear with any outfit! Good job!

  10. Love the design of your piece - the beads with the waves in are perfect to symbolize the smoke. I love that pop of yellow in the beads too. Awesome!


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