Friday, October 27, 2006



還記得畢業時,大家還會不時見一次,心態仍如小時一般,大家很開心,但對於一個剛剛到新環境,喜歡認識朋友的我,花一點時間在其他朋友上也不是太過份吧,我那時深信好朋友是不會離開我的,包括心靈和實際上,我很信任她們. 與此同時,她們都總受談論與男朋友的點點滴滴,我可以說什麼呢?另一方面,我也不敢找她們,因我覺得拍拖的年青人都會花多點時間在另一半身上,又怎會理我呢,我也得自己認識一些新的朋友,好讓我沒有感到那麼孤寂.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My mom

Today when I left home, my mom saw me holding my purse and a small bag for my lunch box and asked if I wanted a big brand name bag. It was quite surprising. However, I'm not crazy about those bags which cost several thousand. I feel it's not worth to buy and it takes great care to it. For several hundreds, we can save a life in africa or support a kid in China to study for a year. Somehow, I wonder why people let the brand control you.

My mom loves me. From what she said, I feel happier than I get the real one.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I don't mean to criticize us, HKers. However, I sometimes really feel embarrassed for what HK parents do. I think people should still remember there is an issue about a "Uncle bus" who spoke loudly on the bus. As an adule, I think we should behave well to teach our generation. Unfortunately, one night when I was heading to home by mtr. When a pregnant woman came in with her aound 6-year-old son, she let the boy sit. (This is one thing I don't understand why the young have to sit rather than their parents. This is a way to teach them showing respect to the elderly?) Anyway, I stood up and let the woman sit. She then turned on the video watching function on her cell phone and shared with her son!!! Since I was listening to ipod, I was wondering where the noise from. IT'S NOT THEIR HOME. On the other side, there is a Japanese girl reading on a story book quietly and her mom also shared the reading.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

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