Saturday, May 26, 2007


On Wednesday, I went to my friend's home to play wii. It's much more fun than I expected. The game is silly but funny. I design my character on it. If I could take the remote, my character would appear in other one's console. I can't understand why Japanese are so crazy that they can design such a game idea.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Egypt is the sexiest part on your body?

I have a group of girlfriends. We have known since we were in secondary school. We all are straight-forward so we like to tease each other all the time. (Well, I'm not that mean usually:p) One day, since I had to do a research for my study, I asked them what is the sexiest part on their body. Yan who has the slowest response answered at once. She said, "Egypt!". I thought I misunderstood something but then we all bursted into laugh. She thought I asked where in the world is the sexiest. Anyway, she still couldn't get the question even I explained again. We kept teasing her. Maybe she wants to say ankle as it's the roughest part on the body. Who knows?


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