Sunday, May 20, 2007

Egypt is the sexiest part on your body?

I have a group of girlfriends. We have known since we were in secondary school. We all are straight-forward so we like to tease each other all the time. (Well, I'm not that mean usually:p) One day, since I had to do a research for my study, I asked them what is the sexiest part on their body. Yan who has the slowest response answered at once. She said, "Egypt!". I thought I misunderstood something but then we all bursted into laugh. She thought I asked where in the world is the sexiest. Anyway, she still couldn't get the question even I explained again. We kept teasing her. Maybe she wants to say ankle as it's the roughest part on the body. Who knows?


  1. Have you ever ask the girls what is the sexiest part of a man's body? Don't think crooked!!

    I 'll notice the shape, size and complexion of a man's hands first !The definition of sexiness can be really personal.Haha!

  2. Forgot to add: The smarter the man, the sexier he is. On the contrary, I wonder if people find smart women sexier?


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