Saturday, May 26, 2007


On Wednesday, I went to my friend's home to play wii. It's much more fun than I expected. The game is silly but funny. I design my character on it. If I could take the remote, my character would appear in other one's console. I can't understand why Japanese are so crazy that they can design such a game idea.


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  2. Kristie9:23 PM

    Oh my! What's WII? The lastest role-play craze? I AM getting OLD....Coral, you better teach how to play that game ! I don't want to admit that I really have generation gap with some people !:)

  3. It's a ....I don't know the category of it but anyway, it's very popular. You know Nitento? It's invented by them. You can choose the character which is like you and play games such as boxing, bowling, tennis with a remote. You hold the remote and look at the TV to do the same motion as the real sport. You can bring the remote to someone's home and the machine will detect your remote so you can join to play.


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