Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One day in the classroom.
TeacherA: Mandy, would you like to share your idea with us?
Mandy: hr..Ok..I think..
(Some students are talking behind loudly.)
Teacher A: Kids, could you respect Mandy? Can't you see she is speaking? We should listen to her while she is talking. Don't you like to be irrespect while you are talking?
(Students stop talking.)

There is a regular meeting on Thursday lunchtime.

(Teacher K is speaking in the fronting, conveying a message to all staff.)
Teacher A's desk.
Teacher A: I can't understand how the parents teacher their kids. They don't show respect to each other. Today, when Mandy is speaking to the class, some kis are talking at the back.
Teacher B: You can't blame them because their parents are not educated. As we see from the newspapers, children's attitude is getting worse.
Teacher C(sitting behind Teacher A): Yes, you can't blame them. Adult do the same thing.
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