Sunday, September 11, 2005

A day without pressure.
My work gives me a lot of pressure. Sometimes, I don't know how to release it. Only on Monday when I attend the ceramic class, I feel very relaxed. Yesterday is Saturday but I have a very relaxing day.

Some people like to play golf or massive shopping to release their pressure. However, the way can be very cheap. I wandered on the street and looked at something I usually don't buy like garment, plants and buttons. (It sounds weired, right?) And then I went to a noodle shop which my mom visited once a week when I was still inside her. The noodle and soup are still very delicious. Next, I walked on a quiet street near the water, where I could see the tall buildings opposite to my side. At that moment, I really felt relaxed. I was walking on a quiet street in a busy city. The feeling was very good. Though I did some shopping, it's acceptable.

I also found that when I am creating something, like ceramic or a bracelet, I feel very relaxed.
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