Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Queen and Maria Antoinette

In the past two days, I have seen The Queen and Maria Antoinette. The first one is attracted by the movie while the second one is attachted by the costume.

Undoubtedly, the Queen is a very good movie. Usually I'm not interested in biographical features as they are sometimes boring. However, Helen Mirren's acting has changed my perception. She is such a talented and beautiful actress. The movie is produced seriously with the consideration of using clips of news about Princess Diana and her death.

As for Maria Antoinette, besides the fasinating costume and shoes, I do feel disappointed about the movie. I can't see the message that the director would like to deliever. The movie tells the daily live of Maria Antoinette but it's not interesting at all. The charater is not strong or maybe the director doesn't want to focus on the history but what is the main theme. However, the mix of light blue and gold has given me idea on design. It's very sweet and royal.

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