Monday, March 16, 2015

Cherry Blossom line

 While I was working on my Build a line challenge, I was distracted to work on these. (Yes, I am easy to be distracted but I can't help.) I like working on contrast color and the combination of green and pink always give me a feeling of spring.

First I degrease the brass and let them dry overnight. Then I put swellegant metal base and patina on them. It's very fun to see how the color changed over time.

After a day, when the patina is totally dry, I rub some off and paint Vintaj patina on them. Again, after it's dry, I rub some off. If the result is not satisfied, I redo it. Like the bangle, I feel the color is not vibrant enough so I redo it. 

When all the paints are dry after another 24 hours, I seal them with Vintaj and Swellegant sealer. I prefer the first one but the second one gives a more matte look.

After all these processes, it's time for real design. I really like Czech glass beads as they come in different color and very cute shapes. 

Viola! These are some of earrings and bangle I made with the brass with patina. 


  1. Hi, Coral. Oh, my, these are so beautiful! I follow B'Sue's newsletter and have been watching the BALC results. I am new to jewelry making, and don't, as yet, create this type of jewelry. I also don't have a shop or a blog yet either, but hopefully by late spring I will. You sure have a multi-step process going! I was trying to figure out how you got from the color in that first photo, to the color in the second. Anyway, the final result is amazing! I really love butterflies, and that one you arranged on the bangle looks realistic, yet fanciful. Good work!

    1. Hi Judith,
      Thanks for your comments. You will learn a lot from Brenda and the other artists. They are very generous so I learnt a lot. In return, I like to share my process. For the color in the first picture, you can search Brenda's newsletter about swellegant. Take you time. It's better to think about your style and branding before you started your blog and shop. I will post more so follow my blog or other social media.

  2. Your colors are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your "distractions."


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