Monday, March 10, 2008

Meaningful weekend

My legs haven't been tired like now for a long time. It's good though. That means I have utilized my time. In the past weekend, I went to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Exhibition where I had seen many jewellery designs but they were not appealing to me. Instead, the display is more amazing.
On sunday, I went to the Orbis Charity Walk with my friends. We started at about 9:30 and finished at about 2(I guess). It's really a good outdoor activity. My friend, Kermit seems haven't talked for a long time as she is the one who can talk and walk. I'm not blaming her but it's just the way she is.


  1. hi coral, this is winne. stumbled into your blog thru hung wai yin's FB. took me a while to realize it was you cuz hung wai yin called u carol :P
    didn't know you're married! congrats! where are you working now?

  2. hi winnie,
    just married in dec.
    i'm working at Tai kok tsui. how about you? are u still working at tin shui wai?

  3. haahaa...not anymore! only stayed there for 2 years, then changed to a school in lam tin. and i'm working part-time now. i keep a blog too, but don't update it as often as you do! :)


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